Borrow up to one-month’s salary through SMART

Salary Loan

You can borrow up to one month’s salary deposited directly into your SMART account. With automatic payments being deducted over four months, repayment is easy and stress-free.

Features and Benefits

Mobile Application
Apply through the Yoma Bank Mobile Banking Application and receive funds directly into your SMART Account

Automatic Repayment
Salary Loans are repaid from your monthly salary over the course of four months with automatic deductions from your SMART Account

Easy, Four-Step Application


  • Must be over 18 years old
  • Must have pre-approval from your employer to receive an Employee Salary Loan (Whitelisted)
  • Must receive your salary as a direct deposit into your Yoma Bank SMART account every month through your employer’s use of the Yoma Bank “payroll services”
  • Must have received your salary into your Yoma Bank SMART account for at least one month already
  • Must not have any outstanding loans or debts with Yoma Bank
  • Must not have any negative payment history with Yoma Bank

Loan Amount, Interest and Fees*

Eligible loan amount Less than or equal to one month’s salary
Interest 14.5% per annum