Fixed Deposit Account

A Fixed Deposit account is the most effective and secure way to grow your money and plan for the future. By committing to secure, longer-term deposits, you can enjoy our very highest interest rates. Deposit at any time during the month and remain eligible for interest payments. 

Features and Benefits

Highest interest
Accrue our highest annual interest rates, depending on the term of the deposit

Monitor your account online
Easily check your account and balance via Yoma Bank Mobile Banking Application 

Interest Rates

Deposit Term Annual Interest Rate
30 Days7.50 %
60 Days7.50 %
90 Days8.25 %
180 Days8.35 %
270 Days8.45 % 
365 Days8.50 %


  • Minimum account opening balance: 50,000 MMK
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must provide original NRC ID Card or passport for verification

Fixed Deposit Calculator


Monthly Interest

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Total Interest

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Total Amount
(Amount+Total Interest)

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Disclaimer: This calculation is just for illustration purpose only, based on certain assumed prerequisites. Terms and Conditions apply.