Yoma Bank Cover Song Challenge Campaign

Yoma Bank Cover Song Challenge Campaign serves as an initiative to contribute funding towards the humanitarian programs of Step-In Step-Up (SISU) Organization. This campaign aims to support vocational training programs designed to align with the demands of Myanmar's local job market, for youth, through singing a cover song of Yoma Bank's 30th-anniversary theme song, "Together with Yoma Bank".

Purpose of the Campaign

To mark the significance of the 30th anniversary, Yoma Bank extends its support through the "Yoma Bank Cover Song Challenge Campaign." This initiative aims to contribute funding towards the Step-In Step-Up (SISU) Organization, renowned for its provision of vocational training programs tailored to the youth of Myanmar.

About Step-In Step-Up (SISU) Organization

Step-In Step-Up (SISU) is an organization that provides vocational training programs for youth in Myanmar. It is located in Hlaing Tharyar Township and was established in 2016. Presently, Step-In Step-Up (SISU) Organization provides comprehensive full-time courses targeted at youth aged 17 and above, having positively impacted over 1,000 students. After relocating to the Dulwich College campus in 2021, course offerings have been significantly accelerated.

Participation Guidelines

Participants can sing the cover of the song "Together with Yoma Bank" by artist Shine, either in their own creation or preferred song part for at least 30 seconds. Then, participants need to challenge their friends at the end of the video by saying, "I Challenge (someone)". After that, participants need to post their cover song video on their preferred social media platforms, and they will be eligible to enter the campaign for donation. 

The following are the details steps by steps guidelines to participate in the campaign: 
  • Share the campaign announcement post published on Yoma Bank’s official Facebook Page on your profile with a public setting. 
  • Publish your cover song video on your preferred social media platform, tagging your friends along with the following hashtags: #TogetherwithYomaBank #30YearsAnniversary #YBCoverSongChallenge #သီဆိုပါဝင်ရိုးမဘဏ်အလှူတွင်
  • Take a screenshot of your cover song video post and comment the screenshot on the campaign announcement post published on Yoma Bank’s official Facebook Page
After you have done all these steps mentioned above, you are eligible to enter the campaign for donation.

Campaign Period

The campaign period is from 22nd August 2023 to 10th September 2023.

Certificate of Appreciation

To mark the significance of the 30th anniversary, Yoma Bank will record and present an E-Certificate as an appreciation to everyone who contributes and participates in the Yoma Bank Cover Song Challenge Campaign.