Yoma Bank Drives “One Bank” Agenda Using Workplace by Facebook

Yoma Bank Partners with Facebook to Create a More Inclusive and Productive Workplace
October 17, 2016

Yangon, Myanmar , 17 October 2016 - Myanmar’s banking sector has been characterized by limited of technology and communications infrastructure. Even today, many bank’s branches operate independently with limited connectivity to other branches that may be only a few blocks away.

Over the past few years, several banks have invested in core banking systems to offer customized products and better analytics - Yoma Bank recently launched Misys’ Fusion Banking Essence (FBE). However, Yoma Bank has recognized that seamless communications are critical to optimizing new banking technology as well as creating a strong company culture; improving customer service; and rolling out new product. Over the past nine months, Yoma Bank has partnered with Facebook to beta test “Workplace by Facebook”, which allows every Yoma Bank staff to communicate directly with senior management, and each other, using defined working groups that can be accessed through a smartphone application.

Workplace by Facebook is a communications platform that uses familiar Facebook features like News Feed, Groups and Messages to help teams get things done. Along with Royal Bank of Scotland, Starbucks, and Booking.com, Yoma Bank is proud to be one of Facebook’s global launch partners.

You can download the press release in both English and Myanmar versions.


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