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Payroll Service

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About Payroll Service

The Yoma Bank Payroll Bundle is a simple and hassle-free way to pay employees accurately and on time. Along with providing payroll services for your business, the Payroll Bundle enables your employees to access a variety of exclusive services and offers.

Exclusive to Payroll Customers

Key Features & Benefits


Simple Payroll

Cashless Payments

Secure Transfers


Before you applied check these information

Small Print about Payroll Service


Salary Advance & Salary Loan

  • Easily access additional funds

Home Loan Offer

  • 0.5% establishment fee deduction with Yoma Home Loan

  • Employers are eligible to utilize the Payroll Services if the employer has or opens an eligible bank account with Yoma Bank to deposit the required total salary payment.

Flexi Everyday Money Management

Bank Anytime

  • 24/7 secure online banking and mobile banking

Mobile Bonus

  • Receive a mobile top-up discount of 1.5% from all mobile phone operator. 

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