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Flexi Call Account

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About Flexi Call Account

Let your money grow with a high interest while having the benefits of easy access to your money with the new Yoma Bank Flexi Account.

Choose the perfect account for you

Key Features & Benefits


Up to 7.5% p.a.

Manage your account online

Linkage with your Flexi Everyday Account

Monthly Statements



Daily Interest Calculation & Monthly Interest Payment

Interest will be calculated on a daily basis based on the minimum deposit balance at the end of the day. These daily interest earned will be paid out at the end of the month. Calculated daily and paid monthly. ​

Eligibility & Requirements
to Open Account

  • Minimum initial deposit: 100,000 MMK
  • Minimum balance: 1,000 MMK
  • Must be at least 18 years of age​
  • Must provide original NRC ID Card or passport for verification

Flexi Account

10,000.00 MMK 299,999,999.00 MMK
300,000,000.00 MMK 999,999,999.00 MMK
1,000,000,000.00 MMK Unlimit

Montly Interest
Total Interest

Total amount you will get (amount + total interest)

Before you applied check these information

Other details of Flexi Call Account


Until June 6, 2024
Deposit Amount (MMK)
Effective from June 7, 2024
“Yoma Bank 31st Anniversary Special Promotion”
Deposit Amount (MMK)
Annual Interest Rate
Up to 500 millionUp to 300 million6%
From 500 million & above
to less than 1 billion
From 300 Million & above to less than 1 Billion6.5%
1 billion & above7.5%

  • Inactive Account Fees – 1,500 MMK
(Opened accounts without any transactional activity within the last one-year period will be considered inactive accounts.)

Flexi Call Deposit Account

Frequently Asked Questions


These are :

For more information, please contact to Yoma Bank 24/7 call center – 9662 or 097 9662 9662 or Yoma Bank official Facebook page or go to nearest branch during operation hour and do not forget to bring NRC/Passport.

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