Buy Now, Pay Later with Yoma Bank’s Hire Purchase
Buy Now, Pay Later with Yoma Bank’s Hire Purchase
Buy Now, Pay Later with Yoma Bank’s Hire Purchase
Buy Now, Pay Later with Yoma Bank’s Hire Purchase

Hire Purchase

Whether it’s a new car or commercial vehicle, finance your next purchase with Yoma Bank Hire Purchase. With a flexible payment schedule, Hire Purchase makes purchases easy and secure for both buyers and sellers. 

Features and Benefits

A Hire Purchase is perfect for…* 

  • Personal vehicles and Commercial vehicles 
  • Agricultural and construction equipment 
  • Medical devices and hospital equipment 
  • Factory machinery 
*Assets must be purchased from a Yoma Bank authorized dealer 


Down payment*
Minimum 30% of asset value
Bank service charges*
1% of loan amount
Around 1% of asset value
Loan Term**
1-5 years
Early payment*
* Rates may subject to change
** Loan Term may subject to change depending on the type of assets

Interest and Repayment

(a) Upfront Method
Interest may subject to change depending on the type of asset as below

Monthly Repayment Quarterly or Semi-Annual Repayment
1 year – 6%*
2 years – 12%*
3 years – 18%* 
1 year – 7%* 
2 years – 13%*
3 years – 18%* 
*Rates may subject to change  

(b) Equal Monthly Instalment (EMI) 
Interest is set at 10%* per annum.  
*Rates may subject to change  

Maximum Loan  Term
New Car
5 years
Pre-owned Car
3 years
New heavy machinery and equipment or agricultural machinery 
3 years
Pre-owned heavy machinery or agricultural machinery  2 years

Repayment plans will vary monthly, quarterly and half-yearly depending on the type of vehicles and machinery.

Monthly repayment can be done over the counter, Wave Money Agent and Yoma Bank Mobile Banking Application.


All financed assets must be insured for the duration of the Hire Purchase term.


  • Original NRC and Copy 
  • Original Household registration and Copy
  • Original ward recommendation letter (Proof of residence)
  • Income verification documents 
  • A personal guarantor might be required and he/she may need to bring the above documents

Dealer List

NameCategoryContact Details
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankMyanmar Future Farm Group Co., Ltd.
Agriculture MachineryJ/47-49 Thiri Yadanar Wholesale Compound, Thudhamma Road, North Okkalapa Township, Yangon. "[email protected]" 09976888388, 09972885030
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankMyanmar Phyo Co.,LtdAgriculture Machinery
Room(4), Kyweselkan Pwel Yone Tan, (6th Street), Pyigyitagon Township, Mandalay. "[email protected]" 09768088448, 09440049668
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankShwe Htwet Toe Company LimitedAgriculture Machinery
Corner of Pimonin Road and Yangon-Pathein High Way Road, No 1944, Hlain Thar Yar Township, Yangon. "shwenaga[email protected] , [email protected]" 095114869, 09973986715
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankShwe La Yaung Trading Co., Ltd.
Agriculture Machinery  
No.(531), Myoma(3), Minn Road, Kawliya Ward, Pyuntasar, Nyaung Lay Bin. 09 5385712
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankTaung Paw Tharr Yee Shinn Co., Ltd.Agriculture Machinery
Bejing St, No.9/10, West Gyogone Ward, Insein Tsp, Yangon. "[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]"  09880812059 09750402022
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankMyan Shwe Pyi Tractors Ltd.   
Agriculture Machinery, Construction Equipment, Heavy Machinery
No 43-47, Ward 109, Kyan Sitthar Road, East Dagon Industrial Zone, Yangon. "[email protected]" 09777000980
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankYoma Heavy Equipment Co.,Ltd.    
Agriculture Machinery, Heavy Machinery
No. 1159, FMI Cit Yangon-Pathein Main RoadHlaing Tharyar, Yangon Myanmar. "[email protected]" 09795767422 ,  09765488598 , 09765488599      
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankMyanmar New Power Motors Co., Ltd.
Commercial Vehicle, Heavy Machinery
No.54, Bayintnaung Street, Pearl (1) Quarter, No.3 Main Road, Mingalardon Township,No.517 (11/783), 78th Street, Yangon-Mandalay Road, Ayardaw Quarter, Pyigyitagon Township, Mandalay. "[email protected] , [email protected]" 09252884488 , 09252884488 , 09452333126   
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankShwe Tun Co., Ltd.   
Commercial Vehicles
No. (410/A, 49-A56), No.(3) Main Road, Pale myot thit, Mingalardon Township. Yangon. 09450708660 , 09453500062
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankUnited Eleven Co., Ltd. 
Commercial Vehicles
No. 310, Ngu War Street, Pearl 2 Ward, Mingalardon Township, Yangon Region.
No 513/2,  35th Street,55x56 Street,Kan Kauk Quarter, Chan Aye Thar Zan Township, Mandalay.   "[email protected] , [email protected]" 09794794692 09 77013537 
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankSein Shwe Kyauk Wheel Loader TradingHeavy MachineryNo. 12, 35St, Bet (62x63)St, Chan Aye Thar Zan Tsp, Mandalay. "[email protected]" 09979415160
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankMount Zion Co.,Ltd
Hospital Equipment
No. 99, Zion Tower, Maharthukhitar Street, East Gyogone Ward, Insein Township, Yangon. "[email protected]" 092024496 , 09975722480
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankAung Say Paing  
Office EquipmentHa - 15 (35+46)/ 74 Str / Bet: 116 x 117 Str,Pyigyitagon Tsp, Mandalay. "[email protected]" 09 781999555 , 09781555999 , 09784555999 , 09785555888   
Hire Purchase - Yoma Bank999 Tiger Co., Ltd.
Personal Vehicles
No. 1, Wingabar Street, Bahan Township, Yangon    "9[email protected]" 09443016530 , 0973036999 , 09798104418
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankAndaman AL Co., Ltd.
Personal Vehicles
No. (62/B), Baho Road,Kan Khaung Ward, Myeik T/S  "[email protected]" 0959254704257
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankAuto Hub Service Co., Ltd.
Personal Vehicles
No. (42/43D), MikyaungKan, Part (3), Khaymarthi Road, Thingangyun Township. "[email protected]"  095197060
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankAuto Top Power Co.,Ltd
Personal Vehicles
No. 15, Kabaraye Pagoda Road, Near Hnin Si Kone Bo Bwar Yeik Thar, Yangon. "[email protected] , [email protected]" 095157474 , 097851574742 , 09770338884
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankEnergy Plus Trading Co., LtdPersonal Vehicles 
No. 3, Ywarma Kyaung St, Hlaing, Yangon. "[email protected]" 095113939, 09421109988 
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankForerunner Business Group Co., Ltd.
Personal Vehicles
A2/002, Zawtika Housing, Thingangyun, Yangon. "[email protected]" 09-5191986   
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankGarmanit Services Co., Ltd.
Personal Vehicles
No. 22, Thukhawadi Street, Yanking Tsp, Yangon.    "[email protected]" 09750119655 , 095550888 , 09770338882 , 09770338884       
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankGrand Sirius Co.,Ltd. 
Personal Vehicles
No. 8, Room 3, Joe PhyuSt, Mingalar Taung Nyunt. "[email protected]" 09751001126  
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankGreen Gate Services Co., LtdPersonal Vehicle No. 1193/1195, Thudamar Lan Ma Gyi, 2Qtr, North Okklar. "[email protected]" 09780807799 , 09443669999   
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankHyper Auto Co., Ltd.
Personal VehicleNo. 3, YadanarMon (7) Street, Yadanar Mon Housing , Hlaing Tsp, Yangon. "[email protected]" 09775111123 , 09776111123
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankHyundai MMM Co.,Ltd.
Personal Vehicle
No. (194/196), East Horse Race Course Road , Manaung Ward, Tamwe Township. "[email protected]"  095009887 , 09777773639
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankJPM Service Co., Ltd.Personal VehiclesNo (42-A), New University Avenue St,Bahan Township. Yangon. "jpmautocent[email protected] , [email protected]" 095173244 , 09792828100
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankMin Min Maung Services Co., Ltd. 
Personal VehiclesNo (19/20) , Baho Road , (7) Quarter, Kamaryut Township. "[email protected], ymony[email protected]" 09773738585  , 09973738585 , 09963131777
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankModern Trading Co.,Ltd.
Personal VehiclesNo. 54, 130 street,Thapyay Kone,Mingalar Taung Nyunt. "[email protected]" 095400206    
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankMyanmar Theingi Service Co., Ltd.
Personal Vehicles
S 165, Ayarwaddy Road, Zabuthiri Township, Naypyitaw. "[email protected]" 09450935550 , 09444440988
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankMyint Myat Maung Co., Ltd.
Personal VehiclesNo, 206, Insein Street, 13 Ward, Hlaing Township. "[email protected]" 09965145313 , 09695145313
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankNaypyidaw Royal Princess Personal Vehicles
No. 3079, Yarzahtarni Road, Bawgawadi Ward, NayPyiTaw. "[email protected]" 09400465463 , 09-699048198 , 09694034896    
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankPann Pu Eain Co., Ltd.
Personal VehiclesNo. 16/17), Ayeyarwun Road, Anawmar (1) Ward, (Near Anawmar Bus stop) Tharkayta Township. "[email protected]" 09775916816
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankPZ Car Sale Centre.
Personal Vehicles
Ngu Shwe War Road, Between 68 *639, South MandalarThiri Football Stadium, Chan Mya Thar Si Tsp, Mandalay. "[email protected] , [email protected]" 09444641122 , 09792013202
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankRoyal Mega Six Co.,Ltd.
Personal VehiclesNo. 96, Pearl St, Industrial Zone (3) , Shwe Pyi Thar Township, Yangon. "[email protected] , mattglory3[email protected]" 09443364466, 09443364477 , 095102715 , 09899860000
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankRoyal (Taw Win) Co., Ltd.
Personal Vehicles
No. 1, Corner of Ta Yoat Tan Road & Phayargyi Rd, Yangon.  "[email protected]" 09792130600
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankShwe Phyo Phyo Co., Ltd.Personal VehiclesNo. 10, Waizayantar Road, (6) Ward, South Oakkalapa Township, Yangon. "shweph[email protected]" 09457887777, 095280514, 09763015578 
Suzuki Pyay 
Personal Vehicles
No. 239, Bogyoke Road, Ywarbel Ward, Pyay. "pyays[email protected] , [email protected]"  095311913
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankThilawun Services Co.,LtdPersonal VehiclesCorner of Ahlone Road and Strand Road, Infront of Sweety Home, Ahlone Township, Yangon. "[email protected]  , [email protected]" 0943260787, 095002324 
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankWun Yan Kha Services Co., Ltd.
Personal Vehicles
No. 1, Baho Road , (9) Ward, Hlaing Township, Yangon. "[email protected]" 095022577 , 09977109899
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankAlly Auto Services Company LimitedPersonal Vehicles,  Commercial VehiclesNo. 277/278, NguWah Street, Palae(2) Ward, Mingalardon Township, Yangon. "[email protected]" 09250024825 , 09420023493
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankCentury International Trading Co., Ltd.Personal Vehicles,  Commercial VehiclesNo. (has-2), 35 Str, Bet 70*71 Str, Block No-700, Yan Myo Lone Ward, Chan Aye Thar Zan Township, Mandalay. "[email protected]" 09777456456 , 09777678678
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankHundred of Moon Co., Ltd.
Personal Vehicles,  Commercial VehiclesNo. 34, Shwe Gone Thiri Street, 37 Ward, North Dagon, Yangon. "sansa[email protected]" 09791555768 , 09777777528   
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankLucky Family Co., Ltd.Personal Vehicles,  Commercial Vehicles
No. 23/A, No(3) Main Road, Thit Seint Kone Ward, Thingangyungyi Village Group, Mingalardon Township, Yangon. "l[email protected]" 09450750003 , 09263111109 , 09261079711
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankSan Ngwe Trading  Ltd.Personal Vehicles,  Commercial Vehicles 
No. 48, Taung Kyaung Street, Myoma Ward, Taunggyi. 09450050478    
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankTokyo Auto Co., Ltd.
Personal Vehicles,  Commercial Vehicles  
66 Street, Between 110 x 111, Chan Mya Thar Si, Mandalay. "[email protected]" 092036067 , 09962036067 , 09442036067, 092036067 , 09400150041 
Hire Purchase - Yoma BankShwe Tun Co., LtdAgriculture MachineryNo. 5, Thirimon plaza- 3 rd Street, Mayangone Township, Yangon. 09261071656

For more information, please contact the nearest branches.