Yoma Bank Next App

With new, improved features and more user-friendly interface, Yoma Bank Next App will help you manage your money securely and easily from wherever you are and whenever you want. You can check your account balance, make transfers, pay bills, access your loan information, and make payments using QR codes via Yoma Bank Next App without visiting a physical branch.

Promotions and Benefits

NameCategory Promotions
Balance Fitness
Yoma Bank Next App - Yoma Bank
Gym & Fitness 25% Off on all packages
Pun Hlaing Hospitals, Pun Hlaing Clinics, HEAL by Pun Hlaing 
Yoma Bank Next App - Yoma Bank
Health & Wellness 5% to 20% depending on type of service
L’OPERA Italian Restaurant
Yoma Bank Next App - Yoma Bank
Food & Beverage 5% off on all items 
Solid Beauty
Yoma Bank Next App - Yoma Bank
 Beauty10% off on all services 
SB Furniture 
Yoma Bank Next App - Yoma Bank
Lifestyle 5% off on all items 
 Awei Metta
Yoma Bank Next App - Yoma Bank
Hotel 10% off 
 Balloons over Bagan
Yoma Bank Next App - Yoma Bank
Travel 10% off 
For more benefits and promotions, please see here for detailed information.

Features and Benefits

Yoma Bank Next App allows you to self-activate your account without visiting physical branches. All you have to do is download the app, register using any one of your Yoma Bank accounts and set username and password.

Make payments using QR codes
With Yoma Bank Next App’s ‘Scan to Pay’ and ‘My QR’ features, you can make payments easily to another Yoma Bank Next QRs or Wave Merchants QRs. You can also transfer to WavePay accounts directly using ‘WavePay Account Transfer’ feature.

Open Flexi Everyday Account
Customers who wish to open a Flexi Everyday Account can fill their personal information (KYC) and apply through the app.

Open Fixed Deposit Account
Open Fixed Deposit Accounts from ‘Fixed Deposit’ feature to enjoy an interest rate up to 9.75%.

Make Bill Payments and Mobile Top-up
With over 70 billers from 11 categories onboarded on Yoma Bank Next App, you can now easily perform bill and services payments just at your fingertips from ‘Bill Payment’ feature. You can also enjoy discounts when you top-up using your Flexi Everyday Account.

Interbank Transfer
No more visits to the branches just to transfer from your Yoma Bank accounts to other local banks’ accounts. For a small fee, you can now send money to 50+ other banks through ‘Interbank Transfer’ feature easily and securely.

Schedule your payments
Do you have monthly loan repayments and payments that must be made at a certain time and date? You can now schedule your payments via Yoma Bank Next App’s ‘Schedule Payment’ feature.

Apply for online loan via ‘Apply Credit’ feature
If you are one of Yoma Bank’s SME customers, you can use ‘Apply Credit’ feature to apply for online loan to improve your business cash flow.

Download Now

Yoma Bank Next App can be downloaded here.