Home Equity Loan

With Yoma Home Equity Loan you can use your current owned residential home as security to fund life’s big purchases for yourself and your family. You can easily and quickly apply a loan for personal expenses such as health, education and social.

Features & Benefits

  • Application can be made with only minimum monthly income of 600,000 MMK
  • Application can be made using combined source of income together with family members
  • Easy repayment with monthly installment system
  • Loan repayment period can be extended every (3) years to maximum of (10) years

Collateral Types

  • Land & Building
  • Condominium
  • Mini-Condo
  • Apartment
(All collaterals must have CYCDC, NCDC, MCDC approval, government granted owner book, management office granted, developer granted owner book with estate office)


Eligibility of Borrower
  • Burmese citizens of 18 years of age (must present proof of NRC card)
  • Salaried employees or entrepreneurs with monthly minimum income of 600,000 MMK
  • Company employees and entrepreneurs over the age of 65 may apply together with family members who are underage of 60

Documents to be submitted
  • Original NRC card and original Household Registration list
  • Original ward recommendation letter (proof of residence – within 6 Months)
  • If the two loan applicants are under different household registration, proof of family relationship will be needed (e.g. If they are husband and wife, a marriage certificate must be attached)
  • Confirmation of employment and most recent 3 month pay slips (if employed)
  • Financial statements and income tax receipt (if employed)
  • Any other ownership-related documents

For full document requirements, please contact to our skilled loan specialist at your nearest branch.

Interest and Fees

Interest Rate
10% per annum*
Processing expenses covering assessor and lawyer fees
At least 250,000 MMK (or) 1.5% of the approval loan amount (whichever is higher)
Penalty (late fee)
3.5% per month on past due principal
Early repayment fee ( if paid within first 3 years) 
3% on the outstanding principal balance


*Yoma Bank reserve the rights to change interest rate at any time with reflection to the market and Central Banks rates.

Important Notice to Customers - please note that the bank does not charge any additional fee in processing the loan application by using third-party channels. The bank is not obligated for payments to any third party appointed by the customer and strongly encouraged to deal with bank directly for all communications.

Terms and conditions apply.