Flexi Savings Account

Watch your savings grow with a high-interest Yoma Bank Flexi Savings Deposit Account. As an individual holder or a member of a shared account, you will receive all of the benefits of a Current Account plus annual interest at a rate of 7% (p.a.). Interest is calculated and paid monthly.

Features and Benefits

High Interest
Accrue an annual interest rate of 7% (p.a.) on your savings balance*

Unlimited Withdraw and Deposit 
Withdraw and deposit as many times as you want within our business hours. Cash deposits must be made over the counter at branches. Withdrawal at ATM is subject to ATM operating limits.

Manage your account online 
Easily transfer from Flexi Account to all Yoma Bank accounts and other banks’ accounts is available. Transfer between Flexi Savings Account to Flexi Account and Flexi Everyday Account is available over the counter, Online Banking and Yoma Bank Mobile Banking Application.

A passbook will be issued upon successful opening of an account.

Monthly Interest Payment & Calculation
Enjoy interest on a monthly basic instead of waiting for 3 months. Interest will be calculated on a monthly basis based on the minimum deposit balance held between the 5th until the end of each calendar month. To earn maximum interest, balance must be maintained from the 5th until the end of the calendar month. 


  • Minimum initial deposit: 10,000 MMK 
  • Minimum balance 1,000 MMK 
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Must provide original NRC ID Card or passport for verification

Rates And Fees

  • Inactive Account Fees - 1,500 MMK
    (Opened accounts without any transactional activity within the last one-year period will be considered inactive accounts.)