Build your Own Dream House
Build your Own Dream House
Build your Own Dream House
Build your Own Dream House

Home Construction Loan

With a Yoma Bank Home Construction Loan, you can build your dream home on your own land or you can buy land and build your dream home on that land. Inquire at your local Yoma Bank branch and let our financial experts guide you through our easy application process.


  • Get financial support for both costs of land and home construction
  • Loan Term up to 25 years 
  • Receive financing up to 50% of land cost and 70% of home construction cost
  • Get support to check the document integrity of the land by a certified lawyer

Interest, Fees and Loan Term

Interest Rate 10% per annum*
Loan Amount  Min- 35mn MMK
Max- 1 bn MMK
Loan Term Up to 25 years
Establishment fees 
1.5% of the loan amount 
Early Repayment fees (if paid within first 3 years) 
3% on the outstanding loan amount 
Down Payment (Land)
50% of land value
Down Payment (Construction)
30% of home construction cost
Eligible Story House
Max- 3 ½ stories

* Rates may subject to change


Loan Applicant

  • Original NRC and Household registration and Copy
  • Original ward recommendation letter (Proof of residence) 
  • Confirmation of employment and most recent 3 month payslips (if employed)
  • Valid business license and DICA information (if self-employed)
  • Financial statements and income tax receipt (if self-employed)

Documents to be submitted for Land Loan

  • Blueprint of the building house 
  • Estimated cost and timeline of the construction of the house (the construction of the house is to be completed within 12 months)
  • Registered Sale Deed must be completed within 6 months and owner title name transfer within 12 months

Documents to be submitted for Home Construction Loan

  • Legal contract between the loan applicant and the constructor
  • Detailed blueprint of the house 
  • Building permit and assessor report of the house upon completion of the house construction 
  • Assessor report and lawyer report of the land 
  • Insurance premium receipt upon 80% completion of the house construction (before disbursement of the last tranche)

Important Notice to Customers - please note that the bank does not charge any additional fee in processing the loan application by using third-party channels. The bank is not obligated for payments to any third party appointed by the customer and strongly encouraged to deal with bank directly for all communications.

Important Info for Customers 

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