Building a Better Myanmar for its people.

Thinking about how to “Build a Better Myanmar for its people’’ is the biggest challenge facing the Group, driving us to build a roadmap to move forward and create value in everything we do. How is a better Myanmar defined? In our Executive Chairman, U Theim Wai @Serge Pun’s words, ‘‘better’’ must mean improvements in quantitative, qualitative, spiritual and material terms over the situation today. Through passion and proficiency aligned with this deep sense of determination, the Group is committed to building a better Myanmar together with its people and for its people.


In good times and bad, we stand by you

Yoma Bank Mission & Vision is annually reviewed by Yoma Bank leadership. The current Mission and Vision wording was approved by the Board of Directors in November 2021.


Putting the Customer first, always being Innovative, acting with Integrity and Respect, collaborating through Teamwork.

Mission, Vision and Values - Yoma Bank

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