Who we are > Governance


Who we are > Governance


At Yoma Bank, our principles and values shape the way we operate: we have a zero-tolerance approach to regarding fraud, corruption, harassment and discrimination.

Our Board of Directors is responsible for validating, reviewing and overseeing the implementation of the following policies:

DocumentsMain Areas covered
Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Financing of Terrorism Policy– Please check our policy here
Corporate Governance Manual– Board roles and directors duties
– Board composition and structure
– Board working procedure
– Audit Committee Policies
– Risk Oversight Committee Policies
– Relations with shareholders
– Succession Planning
– Dividend Policy
– Conflict of Interest Policy
– Related Party Transaction Policy
– Board Evaluation
– Board Continuing Education
– RemunerationMore information here
Download our Policy here
Code of Conduct– Corporate values
– Conflict of Interest
– Political activities
– Gifts and invitations
– Bribery and corruption
– Monitoring and reporting
– Diversity
– Equal opportunity
– Grievance procedure
– Bullying and harassment
– Training
– Performance review
– Welfare
– Whistle-blower protection
– Monitoring and reportingMore information on our values
Download our Policy here
Environmental and Social Policy– List of activities business in which Bank does not invest
– Project screening
– Monitoring and reportingMore information here
Download our Policy here
Speak Up Guidelines– Whistle-blowing

More information here
Download our Policy here

Procurement Process

In addition to these policies, Yoma Bank practices and follows strict criteria in selecting vendors to carry out a proper due diligence of our partners and ensuring the best services for our customers. The supplier/vendor selection process deploys an enormous amount of organisation financial resources and plays crucial role for the success of an organisation.

Yoma Bank’s procurement department is governing the bank wide procurement process by using following process.

The main objective of supplier/vendor selection process is to reduce purchase risk, maximise overall value to the bank and develop long-term relationships between supplier/vendor and the bank.


MandatoryAll suppliers must:
– Comply with all applicable law and regulations in Myanmar (AML Policy, Sanction List, CBM restrictions)

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