Our non-financial data reflect the Bank’s performance as of 30 September 2019. 

HR profile
  • 3,150+ employees work for Yoma Bank
  • 54% of our workforce are women
  • 46% of our people are younger than 30 years old

Yoma BankYoma Bank

  • We provided 39,000+ training hours to our employees
  • 54% of our training efforts were focused on customer service
  • 29% of our trainees were trained in business ethics

Energy and Carbon
  • We spent MMK 1 billion on energy last year
  • Our activities generated 2,290+ t CO2e
Yoma Bank

Supply chain
  • 90% of our suppliers are Myanmar
  • We audited 28% of our suppliers
Yoma Bank

Product responsibility
  • We serve 690,000+ clients and 65% of them use our ibanking services to bank online
  • We support MFIs which are providing funds to 320,000 people across the country
  • We organised 23 events to raise awareness on financial literacy and digital payment: we invested MMK 77 million for our campaign
  • We conducted 3,700 due diligences according to our E&S policy

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