We consider the following standards to structure our non-financial reporting: 

Reporting - Yoma Bank

UN Global Compact 
Yoma Bank joined the UN Global Compact on 4th December 2015. Since then, we have regularly issued our COP reports. They can be found here

GRI Standards
Our non-financial reporting will be aligned with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards. For the time being, we have aligned all our data with the Standards to ease the comparability of our performance with other financial institutions. 

ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard
You can find our report against the ASEAN Corporate Governance Scorecard here.

Sustainable Development Goals

SDGs Why?  Metrics (FY 22/23)
Reporting - Yoma Bank Promote better education so that children, students and people across the country can access better educational opportunities, develop the skills for tomorrow and support themselves.  - 3498+ persons received at least one training session during the last financial year
- On average our employees received 23 hours of training
Reporting - Yoma Bank

Offer equal opportunities to our employees, regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, age or professional background.- Zero-tolerance approach to discrimination
- 54% of our employees are women 
- 173 women were promoted out of hired 489 persons 
Reporting - Yoma Bank

Enable Myanmar’s economy by offering our customers the products and services they need to support the development of the country. - Almost 1,200,000+ clients trust Yoma Bank
- 157,000+ people benefit from our financial capacities through MFIs
- 20% of our clients use ibanking and application to access their account
- 71 suppliers were screened to ensure that they comply with our standards 
- 89% of our supplier expenditure is spent on Myanmar suppliers
Reporting - Yoma Bank

Help the development of quality infrastructure that will become the backbone of Myanmar’s economy. 
- MMK 3,509 billion in deposit
- 3% of our capital expenditures are allocated to enhance technological assets 
Reporting - Yoma Bank Empower Myanmar’s people so that they can access products to finance their future, fostering new lifestyles. - MMK 2,107 billion in loans
Reporting - Yoma Bank

Consider climate change a major risk that will transform and reshape Myanmar’s future and economy.
- Our activities induced the emissions of 3366 tonnes CO2 eq.
- Our energy expenditure reached MMK 3 billion.
Reporting - Yoma Bank
Tackle corruption and support the development of Myanmar institutions.
- 100% of our customers looking for a loan should comply with our AML, CFT and Environmental & Social Policies.
- We paid MMK 3,858 million to the government in tax
- MMK 434+ million were donated to various philanthropic organizations

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